Mornings at the Parker

Parker Trail

The Parker Palm Springs holds a special place in my heart. It's where we first stayed as a family after our twins were born, no longer able to stay at our go-to, the Korakia, as they don't allow children. I'll never forget setting up a make-shift nursery in the entrance hall to the room, using a curtain as a black out shade to lull our babies to sleep. I'll also never forget the screams as they cried ALL. NIGHT. LONG. and the tired look on our neighbor's face as she tried to avoid eye contact with us the following morning. So sorry. 

The grassy lawn next to the family pool is where Harlow first started to crawl. The mid-century chair just inside the lobby doors is where we staged a photoshoot of our littles and continue to go back to year after year to see how much they've grown. It's our families version of a growth chart. 

The Parker is also where we set up camp when we flew in for the weekend in search of our dream house, and we found it. I spent the days driving around town looking at everything on the market and our evenings hanging by the pool and making friends, some of whom I'm still in touch with today. We still need to have them over for a cocktail. 

The interiors designed by Jonathan Adler served as inspiration for much of the decor of our desert house, The Harlow House and I love how we were able to incorporate so many elements and make them our own.

And now, we continue to visit each time we're in town for breakfast at Norma's (the Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes are our fave) or for cocktails with friends. As we snuck in to the grounds this morning, I was so grateful that we have this special retreat in our backyard that's filled with so many meaningful memories. xx